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Natasha is running for Congress because working families have been left behind in favor of corporations and millionaires and we have not seen increases in the health, well-being or safety of our communities that has been promised for decades. Having grown up in Eastern Washington, in a family that struggled to make ends meet, taking on six figures of student loan debt to pursue her education, being a renter, a single mother to two children, a woman of color, and a small business owner, Natasha understands first-hand the struggles of so many people across the Fifth Congressional District.

Our Families & Future

  • Make the child tax credit permanent and ensure childcare is affordable and accessible for every family in the United States, rural or urban.

  • Reinvest in our K-12 school system by increasing educator pay and benefits, supporting special education and virtual learning, and providing more opportunities for hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

  • Expand rural healthcare options to make healthcare more accessible and invest in the WSU School of Medicine to provide an even larger pipeline of doctors for our district.

  • Pass Medicare for all and expand coverage for mental health and addiction services, and to include dental insurance.

  • Continue to increase social security and veteran benefits to ensure our most valuable and vulnerable can maintain their quality of life.

  • Fight for our farmers and agricultural worker’s livelihoods as weather patterns change growing cycles and conditions, and we focus on healthy soil practices to sustain agricultural productivity and protect environmental resources.

  • Invest in renewable and sustainable energy, like wind farms and clean fuel, while we transition away from fossil fuels to reduce emissions and pollution.

Our Wallets

  • Raise the minimum wage and ensure that any American that works forty hours a week can meet their basic needs and live a quality life.

  • Bring infrastructure projects to our district from the bipartisan infrastructure package that will create good paying trade jobs and revitalize our transportation infrastructure.

  • Ease inflation coming out of the pandemic by investing in America and putting people back to work, while increasing worker rights and protections.

  • Support tax policy that rewards small business, innovation, and hard working people, while also making sure the wealthiest individuals and corporations in our country pay their fair share.

  • Build on price reductions for prescription drugs. We’ve already capped the price of insulin at $35 a month. Let’s not stop there.

Our Government & Legal System

  • Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and remove restrictive voting laws intended to suppress turnout among minorities, young adults, and the elderly.

  • Overhaul our criminal justice system to address disproportionate harm and atone for the racism that has been rooted in our institutions since the beginning.

  • Increase oversight and accountability of law enforcement agencies and ensure truly independent investigations and fair prosecutions of misconduct and deadly use of force incidents. 

  • Aggressively pursue anti-corruption legislation and protect national security interests to ensure Americans are not being exploited.

  • Legalize cannabis nationally and automatically expunge all non-violent cannabis convictions to remove existing conflicts and disparities created by the States’ legal, regulated cannabis marketplaces.